Information for companies

1. Construction works:

This section describes the procedure for companies carrying out works within the luxembourgish motorway network.

Road works related to a specific zone

  1. On the shoulder with access from the exterior. ( Illustration pdf)
  2. On the shoulder with access from the road.( Illustration pdf)
  3. On traffic lanes requiring access from the road as well as a closure of the BAU (hard shoulder), of the VL (slow lane) and/or of the (fast lane). ( Illustration pdf)
  4. In the tunnels.
  5. On the CITA infrastructure.

Applications for road works

For all interaction realized on highways and their enclosures, including junctions, access roads and exits, the companies have to submit roadwork requests (Form “Coordination of the work sites on motorways” pdf) (fax, e-mail) to the CCT-CITA:

FAX: 31 34 16


The application for road works must be submitted regardless of whether the roadworks were organized by a mutual agreement with a technician of the Road Administration.

The rules to which each member adheres to are listed in a document with all the terms and conditions stipulated, which is an integral part of the application process for road works.

Approval processes

For a highway closure (one-way) the duly completed application has to be introduced by the company to the CCT-CITA at least 4 months prior to the date at which they would like to start the work.

For a lane closure, the duly completed application has to be introduced by the company to the CCT-CITA at least 2 months prior to the date which they would like to start the works. The same goes for all kind of works that need to be done within the enclosure of the motorway network.

Work areas and time schedules

Moving toward the city of Luxembourg  and on the ring road around the city, works are principally not authorised before 9.00 am respectively 10.00 am.

In the direction of the border crossings the work sites must be cleared before 4 pm. The time schedule must be strictly observed.

The final approval decision rests with the head of the CCT-CITA.

Reference Paper(in French): Organisation and signalisation of road construction sites pdf.

Comprehensive security and health plan

Every company operating on the luxembourgish motorway network has to comply with the legislation in place.

For the entire motorway network a comprehensive security and health plan ( PGSS pdf) was developed and the companies, as well as their subcontractors, have to comply with it. For the work sites on which several companies are present, the firms must establish a particular security and health plan ( PPSS pdf) and have to hand it over in advance to the security and health-care coordinator.

Foreign companies – Social swipe card

On construction sites in the Grand Duchy, all agents and workers of foreign companies must possess an e-assignement of employees „badge social“ (social swipe card).

This social swipe card may be obtained from the mine and work inspection (ITM) at


2. TMC in Luxembourg

The Location Code List (LCL) was revised in October 2016 by the National Road Authority (NRA). .

The version 3 is available free of charge since March 28, 2017 by the NRA (Request at .

The Location Code List is certified by the European association TISA and will be used for the traffic information service from April 10, 2017. To obtain the Location Code List you need to accept the conditions of use (Conditions of use pdf).


3. Oversize loads

For vehicles with larger dimensions than the regulatory limits (for exemple height greater than 4 meters), an authorisation request to the competent public authorities has to be introduced.

The relative informations can be found on the following site (in French):

Portail Transport


4. Marking

The marking demands for underground networks are to be addressed to the following address:

 The following data is required:

  • Name of project
  • Full address: road, street, locality, kilometric point
  • Contact details: firm, name, office number, e-mail

The competent service will contact you as soon as possible to fix an appointment.