Companies : terms of use

General conditions

The applicant is obliged to:

  • Specify in his work request a mobile phone number of a responsible person. Any change of mobile phone number has to be communicated to the CCT/CITA on arrival at the work site.
  • Specify the number of the encroachment permits (“permission de voirie”). The national roads authority has to be informed in advance regarding any changes of the street infrastructure.
  • Contact the CIEA (“Centre d’Intervention et d’Entretien de l’Autoroute”) in Bertrange before the beginning of the works, in case the national roads authority might have to install a road closure and/or make an appointment if necessary on-site. (Phone number: +352 2846-5310)
  • Mark the work site according to the traffic regulations, take the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the road users and avoid damage to third parties or their property by respecting the instructions of the national roads authority.
  • Use appropriate facilities to prevent the road equipment from being damaged.
  • Respect the valid standards when modifying the road infrastructure.
  • Properly equip his employees on the work site (clothes, material, etc.).
  • Clean up the place at the end of works and to bring the site back to pre-spill conditions at their own expenses (public streets, embankments, drainage, pipes, shafts, canals, cables, guard rails…).
  • Renounce to compensation in case of an abandonment of the site and/or the road closure by the national roads authority.

By submitting his application, the applicant authorizes the national roads authority to seize and process personal data concerning him in connection with the management of requests for road closure on the motorway network and to transfer them to the police. The applicant has the right to access this data and rectify it by contacting the DGT (“Division de l'exploitation de la grande voirie et de la gestion du traffic”).

If the beneficiary does not respect the above conditions, the national roads authority is entitled to stop the ongoing works and to dismiss the company with immediate effect, both without compensation and without reimbursement.